1. Sometimes

From the recording About Time

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Recording Engineer: Peter Jones & Tom Atkins
Mixed by: Peter Jones
Mastered by: Rob Kuhlman, Root Cellar Studios
©2018 Pleasant Bashing Music (ASCAP)


Baby baby why did you look away
It’s been twenty odd years if it’s been a day
When I’m coming back you know I just can’t say
but I love you baby and that will never change

Momma Momma why you look so sad
working 9 to 5 is gonna drive me mad
I know you want for me what you never had
but a guitar players life aint so bad

Time is always changing 
Live in the moment

All I know is what I’m told
Seen a lot of fools trying to peddle their souls
With a head full of dreams and pockets seeking gold
follow your heart
before you grow too old