Tom Atkins Band

A stewy gumbo of classic rock and shreddED punk with a DASH of power blues 

About Time Album, 2018

About Time Album, 2018

Artist Information

Label: High Strung Productions LLC (Independent)
Genre: Hard Rock/ Guitar Instrumental
Hometown: Albany, NY
Influences: Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones,  Van Halen, Joe Walsh, Soundgarden
Sounds Like: Joe Walsh, Smashing Pumpkins, Ten Years After, Joe Satriani 

Band Biography

The Tom Atkins Band is made up of four talented musicians who have bonded into a band that demonstrates a tremendous passion for performing their own custom blend of hard rock, blues, and progressive rock and outputs a high-powered audio shower of pure rock and roll. "We are powered on the belief that witnessing a live rock band is a timeless experience, and it should be an always evolving, never playing the same show or even the same song quite the same way." says band founder Tom Atkins. "If you want to hear the record, then just get a DJ. There is no substitute for a living and breathing rock n roll band expressing themselves and taking the music further than where we found it. We don't take breaks. We are powered on by high-energy music." 

Members of the Tom Atkins band have opened up for a multitude of diverse international touring acts such as Robin Trower,  Blue Oyster Cult, Breaking Benjamin, Whey Jennings, Cory Glover of Living Color, and Jimi Bell of Beyond Purple. While this current lineup of the Tom Atkins Band is celebrating its first few months, drummer Bob Napierski and Guitarist Tom Atkins have been performing together in different bands since 1997 and have released several original music CDs together.  From Tom's first CD in his 1996 rock band, Reason, "Heads or Tales", to the John Thomas "Darker Shade of Blue" CD in 1998, the THICK debut record in 2000, College for Criminals in 2006, Phonebooth Romeo in 2010, to the 2015 Tom Atkins Band "Guitar Candy" CD and the recently released "About Time" CD, The Tom Atkins Band has decades of their own original music blended seamlessly into a playlist of Rock legends Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix and The Who.  The Tom Atkins Band regularly performs at private house parties, block parties, entertainment venues, and festivals featuring their eclectic cover set list of several hundred songs as well as many of their own originals. 

Guitarist and vocalist Tom Atkins is a Musician's Institute Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) graduate (1992) as well as a SUNY Oneonta Music and Music Industry Graduate (1995). When he is not performing in the Tom Atkins Band, he is also frequently featured in the capital district's open mic and blues jams on Thursday and Sunday nights, as well as occasionally performing in Nashville with country artist Doug Lawler,  as well as solo acoustic guitar shows, Dan Coler's "Dashboard Light" and Ralph Renna's "The Tradition."  Tom has performed with some of the greatest guitarists ever to play the guitar;  Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen, and Vernon Reid, and, like them, has tremendous pride in delivering his best possible performance he can give in every single show.

Drummer Bob Napierski specializes in a very interactive and entertaining style of drumming every time he performs in public, often using anything hittable within arm's reach in an inspiring and beautiful expression of time. The Tom Atkins Band is one of the only bands in the Capital District that regularly features a blazing fast and wildly entertaining drum solo, mixing in medleys of famous songs from Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rage Against the Machine, and Santana. So many of the songs performed by the Tom Atkins Band feature Bob's power and technical skill that Bob exemplifies in the ongoing historical importance of the drum set. 

The latest addition to the Tom Atkins band since July of 2022, Bassist David Fontaine, from the San Diego band "Devils Due" provides the perfect blend of hard rock bass tone and hard rock foundation that every band needs. David has added his powerful bass tone to the Tom Atkins Band, contributing to a sonic landscape that is completely full of over-the-top musical performances, spellbinding grooves, and the true fun spirit of American Rock n Roll!


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