From the recording Anthology 2004-2024

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All alone sitting at the corner
Drinking that juice from south of the border
Thinking sumthin aughta save my soul Im in a hole I got no where to go
Eyes got fuzzy nose got runny along came a bitty so pretty it wasn't funny
Walking around with a body like that will get you shot gotta get me some of that

Say whats your name babe I wanna get to know ya
Get ya ready for the love I wanna show ya
She said my soul will be liable in her hand was a great big bible
She told me G.O.D. would set me free and get me off the streets
Wait a minute babe me and god are tight outta sight got me backed into a fight

She told me Jesus is my homeboy

Oh Dammit Ten Commandments never knew a church going girl could slam it
She told me she could turn my soul into gold and in a second I was sold
Screaming out the names of the saints grinding on my body so hard I thought I'd faint
Im a disciple
Quite an eyeful
Best little booty I swore it on her bible

She told me Jesus is my homeboy

Goddamn this girl was crazy and she thought the Bible could save me
And then she took my hand and led me to the promised land
Her flavor my savior I see heaven every time I taste her
Givin props to my buddy JC
Cuz there's a brother looking out for me