1. Move On

From the recording About Time

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Recording Engineer: Peter Jones & Tom Atkins
Mixed by: Peter Jones
Mastered by: Rob Kuhlman, Root Cellar Studios
©2018 Pleasant Bashing Music (ASCAP)


I saw you last night
singing in a lonely bar
time has been good to you
so far

I try to remember
was it love or maybe lust
time heals most wounds
maybe not

How have you changed since we met
did you (ever) find your happiness
has it been a stormy sea
of misery and regret?

as you know time marches on
Either find your way or you drown alone
Remember not everyone can move on
And never forget

The rush I felt
When you were around
Transformed to silence
Falling down

Anguish and sorrow
behind downcast eyes
Parting words spoken
Not goodbye